VPS Server

The Server Host introduce the Affordable / Cheap cost Premium VPS Server. Now Select from 40+ location VPS. Get Free set up and up running your server instantly with a rigid support system.


VPS Server


The best features all at an affordable price.

Fast and Secure Private Servers

Virtual servers are highly fast and secure. All the website and application data of the different business clients are secured here with the proper safety compliance

Free Firewall & Security

Through the Virtual Network security system, Server Tech India monitors and control the network traffic with defined protocols for security to keep the website safe for all-day.

Scalable Plans and Pricing

Server Tech India offers different pricing and planning options for the clients to get their requirements done. Clients can choose the package from the list of plans at the unbeaten price.

cPanel & WHM

We offer the option to keep multiple PHP versions for the servers, C-panel access, and in-build file upload modules to help clients get the best options for what they paid.


Server Tech India gives the 100% SSD STORAGE in the Virtual hosting servers. All the websites and application data gets stored automatically to keep the powerful performance up every minute.


Server Tech India Solutions have own infrastructure, so we do the hosting as well as optimization services for the improved performance of the websites and applications like nowhere.


For the amount paid for the Virtual hosting servers in India, we deliver the feature-rich panel for the clients. Based on the needs, we do add more features with the customization option in hand.


Our server specialists note the benchmark score to compare the performance from month to month. We maintain a stable core by maintaining the server performance at 100%.

Looking for more powerful server?

Window and Linux Pro VPS

Server Tech India provides the Linux and Windows-based operating system for the VPS Servers at the affordable price range for all.

100% Performance

We offer high-performance servers for the business units. It is possible to get the performance graphs for Network Traffic, DISK, CPU, and RAM through Secure Portal.

One Processor Servers

Get the one processor server to handle the intensive workloads in your business websites and applications from Server Tech India.

Dual Processor Servers

Now process the programs simultaneously with the help of the high-performance Dual Processor Servers. We built Multiple Processors for multi-programming needs based on the client’s requirement.

Server Management Support

Our dedicated team takes care of the Virtual Private Server Management Support all-day. For the management and optimization services, we do not charge extra costs from the business clients.

Online Tools

To help your server from stop getting attacked with hackers, we offer the free Online Tools. Our server specialists will help the business clients not to lose their normal traffic with the best protection software.

Scalable Server

Get the chance to Bump up your Random Access Memory and Central Processing Unit in real-time with Server Tech India. With scalable servers, now no need to reboot your system at any cost.

Unlimited Email Sending

Send unlimited emails from the single Virtual server to all the potential leads and contacts very easily with us. We offer unlimited email sending options to the clients from the server hosting

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Frequently Asked Questions

As the deployment process takes place automatically on the Hosting VPS servers, we do not charge for the setup. After the customer paid for the suitable Virtual Private Server hosting plan, we do not ask them to pay for the additional services during the process.

Server Tech India allows the business clients to install more than one website on the server with the help of the same Virtual Private Server account. Your single VPS server is enough to manage everything very easily.

We at Server Tech India give the options for the business clients to monitor the monitor memory usage with the help of the Dashboard. All the details like server load, configurations, rebooting options, and more are offered in the dashboard to have the user-friendly experience all-day.

Server Tech India Solutions have own infrastructure, so we do the hosting as well as optimization services for the improved performance of the websites and applications like never before. Our support team operates for the business clients 24*7, and all the reported issues will be addressed and sorted out within 2-3 business days.

Currently not possible with us.

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